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  • The Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival uses the syllabus that you see available here.
  • Registration opened Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at 12:00 AM and is available at ckmf.musicfestivalsuite.com
  • Registration closed Monday, January 15, 2024 at 11:59 PM, but late registrations were accepted until Monday, January 22, 2024 at 11:59 PM
  • Any registration fees submitted during the Late Registration Period incur a Late Registration Penalty of 50.00% of the total invoice
  • To register, all Parents/Guardians and Teachers/Group Leaders must make a Profile with the Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival's MusicFestivalSuite Portal before a Participant makes their own Profile.
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  • The Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival has currently scheduled the live festival to take place from 12:00 AM, April 2, 2024 to 11:59 PM, April 12, 2024.
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(scroll down for the rules on senior trophies)

It is the responsibility of the teacher, parents, and students to read and follow these rules.


Working Management

  1. The competitions shall be under the working management of the Festival Organizing Committee, and the Syllabus and Program Committees, all of which is hereinafter called “The Committee”. Any questions not dealt with in these rules shall be referred to the Committee, whose decisions on such matters shall be final and binding on all concerned.


  1. All competitions, unless otherwise stated, shall be open to amateurs only. For the purpose of these competitions, an amateur shall be defined as follows: An Amateur is a music student or any person whose principal means of livelihood is not and never was obtained from the performance or teaching of music, even though from time to time such persons are in receipt of remunerations for musical services rendered. Music students who teach for the purpose of applying the money so earned to the furtherance of their musical education will be classed as amateurs.

  2. Where age limits are specified, competitors must be of the prescribed age on the 1st day of January in the year of the Festival to be entered. Competitors must state on the entry form the level of music they are presently studying. STUDENTS MUST ENTER ALL CLASSES WITHIN A DISCIPLINE AT THE SAME LEVEL. In the case of Vocal, students must be at the same grade or age level. (NOTE: Music Theatre Classes and Vocal Classes comprise two separate disciplines.)

  3. Competitors must not use a selection with which they have previously won a first standing.

  4. A competitor may perform only once in a class.

Test Pieces

  1. Test pieces must be chosen only from the following syllabi:

    Piano - RCM 2015 (Gr 9, 10 and Silver Tray), CC 1999 revised edition, CC 2018 Classical Piano Syllabus, Contemporary Showcase Syllabus Pre Gr 1 – 8, 2022 Syllabus

    Voice - RCM 2019, Conservatory Canada 2018 Classical Voice syllabus

    Strings - RCM Cello 2021, RCM Violin 2021, CC Violin 2001

    Entry forms MUST indicate correct page numbers from the current RCM, CC or CCS Syllabus.

  2. Competitors in all classes must furnish a purchased score of the test piece for the use of the adjudicator. No music scores are supplied by the adjudicator except for Sight Reading classes. The purchased score must be presented to the Desk Secretary immediately preceding the respective competition and claimed immediately after the class.

  3. Photocopied material is allowed only for the accompanist as long as a purchased score is also present for the adjudicator. Proof of purchase must be presented for music downloaded from the internet for any score used. If a copyright has not been respected by the performer, the performer will be eligible for adjudication only.

  4. OWN CHOICE CLASSES: A test piece may not be used in more than one class. The title, timing, and composer must be specified on the entry form. The suitability of the selection for the age and level of the competitor will be considered by the adjudicator in the evaluation of the performance.

  5. Entries

    1. The entry fee will not, under any circumstances, be refunded.

    2. In the event that entries in any specific discipline are insufficient to warrant hiring a special adjudicator, the Committee reserves the right to cancel classes and refund entry fees.

    3. Requests for additional classes may be submitted and will be considered by the Festival Committee. The deadline to add classes is December 1, 2023.

Program Procedure

  1. The Committee reserves the right to split any classes into two or three groups of approximately equal numbers. Certificates will be issued for each group as a separate class.

  2. An e-mail will be forwarded to each teacher informing them of the time, date, and location of each class entered.

  3. Scheduling conflicts within the Festival performance schedule must be identified by March 1, 2024. All requests for scheduling changes must be received in writing. Changes made after this date will result in adjudication only (email ckmf@chathamkiwanis.com)

  4. The Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor who is not ready to compete within five minutes of being called.

  5. If competitors do not perform the test piece as entered on their entry form, or if they perform a selection that does not meet the class description, they will receive adjudication only, and no mark.

  6. Memorization: Solo performers must memorize selections as instructed in Conservatory Syllabi. Bands, String Ensembles and other instrumental classes need not memorize. Solo performers who refer to music during the performance of a test piece which should be memorized will not be eligible for first place.

  7. The Festival auditorium or Festival instruments must not be used other than for competition.

  8. Competitors requiring music stands must supply their own.

  9. In order to ensure impartiality, at no time should any competitor, parent, or teacher approach the adjudicator. Necessary questions from a competitor must be directed to the Desk Secretary. Breaches of this rule may result in the competitor’s disqualification.

  10. Coaching during performance from teachers, parents, or others in the audience is prohibited and may result in the competitor’s disqualification.

  11. No flash photography is permitted during performances or adjudication.

Rules and Regulations Specific to Awards

  1. A minimum standing of 80, 75, and 70 must be obtained for first, second or third class awards respectively. Trophies, plaques and cash awards are given to competitors who, in the opinion of the adjudicators, show the most promise of future development musically and are not necessarily awarded to the winners of first, second or third place. To be eligible for an award, plaque or trophy, a competitor must have competed in two Solo classes of the same discipline and obtained a minimum mark of 80 in each class. Studies and Sight Reading classes are not eligible for cash award consideration. See specific rules for each discipline.

  2. Award cheques are VOID after 30 days.

  3. Adjudicators will not “tie” for first place.

  4. All shields, plaques and trophies are the property of the Music Festival and unless otherwise stipulated, shall be held by the winner until February 28th of the following year, and then returned to the Kiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent.

Final Concert

  1. A group of contestants recommended by the adjudicators will be called upon to perform at the Grand Concert.

  2. The Golden K Kiwanis Bowl, the Silver Tray, and Kiwanis Bowl will be presented at the Grand Concert. The winners must be available to perform at the concert, MONDAY April 29, 2024.

Concerns and Suggestions

  1. Concerns or suggestions must be made in writing (hardcopy, not e-mail) to the Resolution Committee through the Festival Chairpersons.

  2. The adjudicator’s decision is final in issues related to adjudicator decisions.

Ontario Provincial Festival Information

  1. Up to two students, from each levek from each discipline may be recommended by the adjudicators to compete in the Ontario Provincial Festival.

  2. To receive an adjudicator’s recommendation, a minimum mark of 85 must be achieved. The potential of the student to benefit from the experience is also a consideration. The Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival prefers that the student has entered more than one class in the discipline to receive a recommendation, however this is not a rule of the Ontario Provincial Festival.

  3. While it is an honour to receive a recommendation to the Ontario Provincial Festival, it is not to be perceived as an award from the Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival. For more information, visit www.omfa.ca.

  4. In deciding the level, a competitor must not have passed Conservatory Examinations at that level or higher before Dec 31st. Competitors who enter this festival performing more than two selections above their listed level will be considered as working at that higher level, and therefore must compete in all classes at the higher level.



Senior Trophies are awarded by the adjudicators, based on the students’ performances during the class competitions. The Rose Bowl has been retired and replaced by the Golden K Kiwanis Bowl for grade 10 to Diploma, reflecting the requirements of the Kiwanis Bowl for Strings and Instrumental competitions.



Kiwanis Bowl Alumnae: Strings, Brass, Woodwinds

  1. Winners of the Kiwanis Bowl of former years are eligible to compete in this class providing all rules are observed. Competitors must not perform the same selection with which they have in previous years obtained a first place standing in any class.

  2. Competitor’s OWN CHOICE is not to be below Level X level. One selection must be ARCT or ACC.

  3. Competitors - follow rules regarding performing from memory as stipulated in Royal or Conservatory Canada syllabi.

  4. To be recommended to Provincials, one mark of 85 must be obtained.


Kiwanis Bowl

The Kiwanis Bowl will be awarded to the overall winner of the Strings, Brass and Woodwind instruments, provided:

  1. The competitor has performed in at least two Kiwanis Bowl Classes

  2. The winners of eligible classes achieve a mark of 85 or more and obtain a second mark of 80 or more.

  3. Former Kiwanis Bowl winners are eligible to compete in this class providing

    1. The competitor chooses a different instrument to play and

    2. No competitor may win more than twice.

  4. Classes eligible are: 50040, 50050, 50060, 50070, 50080, 50090, 50100, 50110, 50120, 50130, 50140, 50150, 55000, 55010, 70300, 70320, 70310, 70330, 70340, 70350, 70360, 70370, 71200, 71210, 71220, 71230.

  5. All selections are OWN CHOICE.

Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival Intermediate String Plaque – Level 8, 9

Competitors in Classes: 50200, 50210, 50300, 50310, 50400, 50410, 50500, 50510, 50600, 50610, 50670, 50680, 50800, 50810, 50840, 50850, 50900, 50910, 50960, 50970, 51100, 51110, 51200, 51210 who have obtained a mark of 80 in TWO of the above solo classes and placed first in at least one of these classes will be considered by the adjudicator for the Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival Intermediate String Plaque. Competitors in the above classes may not enter the Kiwanis Bowl classes. Former trophy winners must compete at a higher level. 14


Dorothy Foreman Memorial Trophy – Level 9, 10

Competitors in Classes: 40200, 40210, 40300, 40310, 40400, 40410, 40500, 40510, 40520, 40700, 40710, 40800, 40810, 40900, 40910 who have obtained a mark of 80 in two of the above solo classes and placed first in at least one of these classes will be considered by the adjudicator for the Dorothy Foreman Memorial Trophy.

Silver Tray Alumnae

Rules listed in the Piano section of this syllabus.

Silver Tray

Rules listed in the Piano section of this syllabus.


  1. Read ALL General and Vocal Rules

  2. The winners in classes 20000, 20010, 20020, 20030, 20040 will be considered by the adjudicator for the Golden K Kiwanis Bowl providing they have performed in two of these classes, winning in one class with a mark of 85 or more and attaining a second mark of 80 or more.

  3. Competitors must enter Classes 20010 and 20020 to be eligible for recommendations to Provincials.

  4. Selections must be sung in the original key and language at the Level 10 or Diploma level. Selections must be from the RCM or CC syllabi and be performed as listed.

Golden K Kiwanis Bowl Alumnae

  1. Golden K Kiwanis Bowl and Rose Bowl winners of former years are eligible to compete in classes 20050, 20060, 20070, 20080 (see vocal section of syllabus). Competitors must enter classes 20050, 20060 and 20070.

  2. Selections must be sung in the original key and language. Selections must be at the diploma level or higher. Selections are subject to the adjudicator’s approval.

  3. To be recommended to Provincials, one mark of 85 must be obtained.

Victoria Avenue United Church Intermediate Vocal Trophy – Level 8, 9

  1. The winners in classes marked (T) will be considered by the adjudicator for the Intermediate Trophy providing they obtain marks of 80 or more in two of these classes and place first in at least one of these classes with the mark of 80 or more.

  2. A competitor must enter all solo classes at the same age and level.

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